General Family Dentistry in Richmond Hill

In our Richmond Hill clinic we offer a variety of dental treatments for adults and children:

  • General Family Dentistry Composite fillings (mercury free and amalgam-free) to replace a part of a tooth that has been lost due to caries or accidental damage
  • Crowns are dental restorations to cover the entire tooth. Crowns or “Caps” are used to strengthen or rebuild broken or decayed teeth, or improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth.
  • Bridges are used to replace missing teeth
  • Veneers are ultra thin porcelain shells that are bonded over a discolored or damages teeth to improve appearance
  • Sports mouth guards
  • Dentures
  • Professional teeth cleaning and periodontal gums treatment performed by our dental hygienist
  • Teeth Whitening

Family DentistryIf any cavities or other problems are detected after the assessment of your oral health, you will be referred to our dentist, who specializes in the following range of services:

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