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Swollen Gums Richmond HillThere are so many day to day activities that expose us to serious dental injuries. From playing sports to exercising, eating hard foods and grinding teeth, it’s really easy to end up with a cracked, chipped or loose tooth. If you experience a dental injury, you need to consult a qualified expert in general dentistry as soon as you can. Here is some information you need to know about how to address a dental injury.

Knocked out tooth

Perhaps you were playing your favorite sport and something suddenly knocked out your tooth. A knocked-out tooth can be planted on its spot within 5 minutes to give the best outcome. This is because within such as a short time, the body will still accept the tooth as its own. However, the outcome may vary from person to person. Factors such as the age of the individual will determine how well this works out.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, make sure the tooth root is completely clean and free of debris by cleaning it with cold water. Do not touch the root surface and instead hold it by the crown.
  • When clean, replant the tooth to the socket by pushing it firmly inside while holding the crown with your thumb and first finger.
  • Add some pressure on the tooth by pushing it down to make sure it doesn’t come out of the socket immediately.
  • If you notice the tooth is still too loose and replantation is not possible, remove it and control the bleeding with pressure.
  • Place the tooth in your own saliva or cold milk and see your local dentist Richmond Hill as soon as possible.

The replanting process above applies only to permanent teeth. Do not be tempted to replant a primary tooth as this could seriously hinder the development of permanent teeth. If primary teeth are knocked out, you just need to control the bleeding with pressure.

What to do when a

The other common dental injury happens when a tooth is moved out of place. For instance, the tooth can be pushed deeper into the jaw. One of the mistakes most people make is to try and reposition the tooth on their own. This should only be done by a family dentist. Visit the dental clinic Richmond Hill as soon as possible because when the tooth is left out of its original position for too long, it becomes harder to treat.

What to do with a chipped or broken tooth

Avoid filing or smoothening out the tooth on your own as this may cause issues. A chipped or broken tooth can also be repaired using tooth-colored bonding.

What to do with a cracked or fractured tooth

In this situation, do not try to remove a portion that is left or bite on it. This can make the situation worse. Some cracks are possible to save whereas others cannot be saved especially if the fracture has extended up to the gum tissue. Visiting a trusted expert in family dentistry and having it checked is the best way to avoid pain and infection.

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