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With so many specialist fields emerging from the dentistry field in the past decades, it can be quite confusing on just what to expect and ask from your general dental surgeon. While he or she is a slide8trained and skilled professionals, the general dentist does not identify with one practice and is more like the general surgeon offering support across a range of fields while still dealing with the usual dental ailments. Even with all the specialist fields, there are very many services the general dentist can still provide. Below are common services you can expect from a general dentist Richmond Hill at our place during working hours.

The first thing is the dental examination. A family dentist is your safe bet if you are looking for a thorough examination of your teeth. You will get proper physical examination across your mouth which will be topped up by CAT scans and x-ray examinations among other tests as the situation demands.

Another preventive measure that you will get from a general dentist is dental cleaning. In this instance, your teeth will be cleaned all the way to below the gums. More thorough flossing follows and wherever necessary the patients can get the teeth whitened and polished.

Also selecting and fixing dental implants in a patient. If your case calls for the use of any from the numerous dental implants types available, you will be served by a general dentist. Crowns, fillings, dentures, bridges, and veneers are all forms of dental implants you can easily get from the general dentist. He or she assesses your situation and determines the best option for you.

General dentists also offer treatment services. One of the common treatment services you get is the root canal treatment which is used when tissue within the tooth becomes infected.

Periodontal disease is another ailment the local dentist can help you with. This is a gum disease that can be caused by a number of factors and needs to be detected early to prevent poor health and the punitive costs for extensive restructuring programs.

A general dentist also takes care of oral and maxillofacial treatments. This refers to treatments for your mouth, jaw, and face.

Aside from these, a general dentist also offers services like bonding and oral cancer screening and consultancy. You are thus better served to start your first dentist visit by going for a general dentist.

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