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My dentist is recommending treatment (I know nothing about). What should I do?

Not all trips to a dentist will be simple routine checkups ending after cleaning. At one point you may be at a dentist Richmond Hill office and you may be recommended treatment you have hardly heard about and most likely do not understand. For most patients this can be scary and even discourage them from regular family dentist visits. A new or strange treatment can easily have you thinking your condition is worse than it really is.

Most likely it is because of the complexity of the procedure, medical jargon or the drugs you are expected to use. To avoid the unsettling feeling and risk of running away, you only need to do a couple of things.

The first thing is to ask your dentist questions. You should not be afraid because you need proper clarification if you are to know what the treatment demands of you and be comfortable enough to do all that is required and aid quick recovery.

Ask to know why that treatment is necessary, how long it will last, the experience the doctor has with administering the treatment and if there are any diagrams you can see to aid your understanding.

You should also ask how that particular treatment will result in your healing or well being, the length it will last, its cost and any side effects.

More importantly, find out if there are any possible alternatives and the pros and cons of each option. You can also ask the effect of the treatment on your diet and day to day lifestyle.

In case you still have questions and doubts or you did not get a chance to ask your dentist questions before you left, you can always get a second opinion. This should be from a reputable dentist in the region and not from the internet or patients who in the past have been in your condition.

While you can always use the latter options it should only form part of the questions you seek clarification about but not guide your decision making. It is important to remember that all decisions about the treatment you get lie with you.

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