Dental Implants OptionsWhether you’ve been injured or have a severely damaged tooth that needs replacement, dental implants can be the best form of treatment. A dental implant is designed to look and feel like your real teeth. Once it is put in place, you can go back to smiling and eating any kinds of foods you like. Just be sure to take steps to maintain good oral hygiene. The last thing you want is to expose the implants to periodontal disease and decay.

When to consider an immediate implant

You may need to have an implant procedure done immediately for different reasons. Perhaps you want to improve your smile just in time for your wedding. It could be that you need to have an implant after suffering an injury while playing your favorite sport. Whatever your reasons, your dentist will review your situation and determine if you are a good candidate for an immediate implant.

Why a dental implant?

This is probably the best way to replace a missing tooth. For a start, it doesn’t have any negative impacts on adjacent teeth. Furthermore, the implant can function just as well as natural teeth. You never have to take out the implant for cleaning or any other reason like the way you do when having removable dentures. This is why implants are regarded as the third set of real teeth.

Benefits of having implants placed immediately

In many cases, an implant will be placed after the socket where the tooth was has healed completely and is filled with new bone tissue. With an immediate implant this is not the case. There are numerous reasons why a family dentist may recommend having an implant placed immediately. For a start, with immediate implant procedures, you will only need one procedure done instead of two.

The success of the implant will depend on how well it is stabilized when placed. There should be no movement of the implant because it will interfere with how well it fuses with the bone. Once the implant is placed, it forms a microscopic bond with the surrounding bone.

What can be done to boost implant success?

When you want to have an implant placed immediately, one of the main steps to take is to find qualified dental experts. A successful implant procedure is the combined effort of a qualified dentist, implant surgeon and lab technician. Find a dental clinic that has a good reputation for immediate implant treatments. Make sure you review some of the dental implant procedures the experts have done before prior to making a decision.

Most importantly, discuss with your dentists all the options you have and make sure you understand the risks involved if any. Sometimes dental implant procedures can present complications. At risk groups include people who have conditions like diabetes, smokers and those with a compromised immune system. Disclose your medical history to the dental technician so that he/she will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for it. Most importantly, follow your dentist’s advice on how to take care of the dental implant.

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