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When Do You Have No Other Way but Extracting a Tooth?

When people hear the term tooth extraction, many of them may panic and prefer any other procedure but removal. Although it’s not a popular technique, it’s the only way to preserve one’s smile in some cases. Unfortunately, many don’t understand how tooth removal can be life-saving, and they shouldn’t avoid it when it’s really necessary. Simply, there are many different conditions a dentist suggests you to remove one tooth. In our clinic, Humming Bird Dental, our professionals explain to you how this treatment can save your oral health and what consequences it can prevent. The good point is all dentists consider this method when there is literally no other way to save your oral wellness, so you can be sure it’s the last option. Otherwise, they would recommend other procedures instead. Many complications can be avoided by removing one tooth, such as bone loss, serious infection, tooth loss, etc. It’s necessary for our patients to understand why tooth removal in Richmond Hill is a better choice than keeping the natural tooth. Keep reading to learn about these conditions and understand the importance of this treatment.

When Do You Have No Other Way but Extracting a Tooth?

Serious Injury: Your tooth may get hurt due to different causes, and you notice they are cracked, chipped, etc. In minor cases, the tooth can repair itself through a process called remineralization. But in a more extensive level of damage, it’s necessary to visit an expert to see what you can do to repair it. The very first option to do this is restorations like tooth crowns and veneers. You can visit our Richmond Hill restorative dentists for the best quality services. If the dental damage can’t be restored with these techniques, you may have no other option but extraction. 

Advanced Gum Disease: Many adults over 30 years old experience periodontal disease as a very common oral health issue. This problem affects gum tissues and makes them significantly inflamed, swollen and red. If left untreated, you may experience jawbone loss, which is a very serious problem. You can visit our experienced Richmond Hill periodontists to receive the best treatments. But if you postpone it, you may have no option but to remove the infected tooth and replace it immediately to prevent complications. 

Extensive Decay: It’s a very prevalent issue that results from poor oral hygiene, unhealthy diet and many other conditions. The good news is cavities won’t appear a night, and there are some signs you can detect. In that case, you should visit our experienced emergency dentists in Richmond Hill and treat the condition in the very first stage before it turns into a more serious problem. According to your needs, your dentist may suggest a tooth filling or root canal procedure to preserve your smile. If these treatments aren’t effective, you have no option but to remove that tooth. 

Impaction: When there is no room in your mouth, and a tooth erupts, impaction occurs. It’s very important to remove that impacted tooth, which is usually wisdom morals before they can lead to orthodontic issues and other problems. Our dentists offer the best wisdom tooth removal services in Richmond Hill to protect your smile. 

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