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What to Eat and What to Avoid After a Filling

Unless you wish to see your dentist again in a day or two, do not dive into a bag of crunchy potato chips after getting a tooth filled! Dental fillings cause some sensitivity, so you should avoid chewing in the area of the filling for the next 24 hours. In addition, you should be careful about what to eat (and what not to eat) after a filling based on recommendations from dentists.

Ideal Foods to Eat After a Tooth Filling

Here are some of the best foods to eat after having a tooth filled:

Cooked Vegetables and Fruits
While uncooked fruits and vegetables require a great deal of chewing, cooking them makes them extra soft and easy to eat. Applesauce and mashed bananas are great options.

If you don’t want to compromise on taste to protect your tooth, prepare a delicious smoothie and enjoy it without worrying about chewing so soon after a filling. Use your favorite fresh fruit blended with milk, ice cream, or yogurt. There’s no reason to let a filling hold you back from a craving!

Protein Shakes
If you’re not a fan of smoothies, try a protein shake. It’s another healthy way to satisfy your appetite after getting a dental treatment.

Dairy Products
Perhaps the most nutritious and safest food to consider after a tooth filling are dairy products. That’s the reason dentists recommend cottage cheese, milk and yogurt after most dental treatments. Dairy products are often easy to chew and are rich in nutrients.

Foods to Avoid After a Dental Filling

After undergoing a tooth filling treatment, it’s best to avoid foods that are sticky, hard, or very hot or cold. Since your teeth are still recovering, chewing or ingesting these items can cause pain, trigger other dental complications, and/or dislodge your filling (which may require another visit to your local dental office).
To avoid these issues, you should stay away from foods such as peanuts, chips, granola, hard candies, hard bread, gum, sticky candies, popcorn, caramel, and other items that may put stress on your filling. While smoothies are recommended, make sure they aren’t too cold or hot. Don’t even think about having a very hot or icy cold drink until you’re fully recovered!
If you experience a situation where a tooth gets cracked or the filling is affected, stop eating and book another appointment with your local dental office.


We’re hopeful that these recommendations have helped you make good choices about what to eat and what not to eat after having a tooth filled.
If you haven’t had a tooth filling treatment before, be sure you choose your dentist wisely. Finding the best dentist in your area requires some research. Begin by asking your family and friends who they recommend in addition to checking out online reviews.

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