What Are the Crucial Complications of Ignoring Lost Teeth?

If you have missed numbers of teeth, you really should to be stressed about your condition. It’s one of the most dangerous difficulties an individual can face, threatening your dental and overall well-being. Many think losing one or more teeth can only affect the smile’s look and make it less attractive. But the truth is it has more serious impacts on your health and oral wellness. Our professionals at Humming Bird Dental Clinic can help you prevent such conditions and preserve your smile using the best preventative dental techniques. However, some incidents are unavoidable, and finding a proper fixing method is the only thing you can do. Fortunately, there are many different choices you can select. Due to your needs, condition, and special preferences, you have to choose one of those treatments to restore your smile efficiently. In this case, you can prevent further complications that can happen to you if you keep ignoring your lost teeth. Living with such problems significantly affects the quality of your life, so it’s important to know what kind of dental emergencies are threatening your health if you don’t replace them. Keep reading to gain all needed information. For any dental emergencies in Richmond Hill, call us at +1 647-496-6190.

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Your facial structure begins to change.

The dental roots are the main supporters for your lower jawbone. When you lose a tooth or undergo dental removal, the gum can remodel itself, unlike your jawbone, which leads to residual ridge resorption. In this case, your facial shape starts to change, especially if you postpone visiting a specialist. Talk to our dentist for tooth extraction services in Richmond Hill.

It negatively impacts your routines.

Many different conditions can result in tooth loss, including periodontal disease, aging, dental trauma, cancer, wear and tear, etc. Although sometimes you are unable to preserve the teeth, it’s still possible to replace them. Losing them makes you look much older, make your smile less gorgeous, and decrease your self-confidence.

Your teeth start to shift.

If you have experienced orthodontic process before, you definitely don’t want to see your smile misaligned and imperfect again. The gaps caused by missing teeth can force others shift, leading to severe misalignment over time. Furthermore, the damaging pressure can make them crack, and a broken tooth is another complication of not replacing your lost teeth.

You may confront TMJ problems.

Once they get shifted, TMJ issues can occur and put harmful force on your jaw. The TMJ joints are located on either side of the head and aid you to smile, eat, chew, etc. It isn’t the only cause of this issue; and it’s also common among children due to genetics. You can take your child to our experienced Richmond Hill pediatric dentists to ensure everything is going well.

You can’t enjoy your food.

When you lose one or more of them, you can’t chew on certain foods as easily as before. Options like partial dentures or tooth bridges help you restore your mouth strength and enjoy having your meals like before. If you still have any question about our service on dentures in Richmond Hill, you can call us today.

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