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What are the Advantages of Dental Implants for Replacing Missing Teeth

Are dental implants ideal for replacing missing teeth? Yes. Implants are the most advanced dental restoration procedure that use the latest technology to achieve a beautiful smile with long term results. The techniques used make this process a preferred choice over dentures and bridges. You will experience less discomfort with natural looking teeth compared to other dental treatments. Most dentists recommend implants over other procedures.Missing Teeth

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants Richmond Hill varies from practice to practice. It depends on numerous factors including whether it will be performed alongside other dental procedures or not. However, the advanced technology involved and the long-term results achieved from this technique justify the costs. Implants are better than dentures and bridges.

What makes dental implants the better option?

Before the procedure begins, your dentist will carry out a process called bone grafting. The dentist uses titanium to fuse your bones thus creating an artificial or donor bone that is robust and allows your teeth to stay strong for many years to come without further gum infection. The material used in this procedure causes no adverse effects on your oral health.

A beautiful smile, is that all I get with dental implants?

No. Implants can improve the functionality of your teeth too. The majority of teeth diseases hinder us from eating various foods. If you do not get your teeth treated on time, you may end up affecting your other healthy teeth. Implants guarantee you secure and stronger bone structure with reduced chances of gum infection.

How do you care for implants

Caring and maintaining implants requires regular dental checkups and routine brushing and flossing. That is all that is needed to have the implants looking beautiful and good for many years, unlike dentures that require special adhesives and cleaning agents to maintain. Dentures can give gum irritation and sores especially if not fitted and cleaned properly.

What is the future of your healthy teeth?

Your healthy teeth will remain healthy for as long as the implants last. Implants require bone grafting; bridges require that the crowns of the healthy teeth are used to place the fake tooth. It is this practice that ends us jeopardizing the surrounding teeth. Implants are a better option as they allow for simple cleaning that helps keep your gums free of infection.

Implants can also help halt premature aging, promote bone growth and forever fill a space that would cause your teeth to shift and trigger other biting problems.

In the end, dental implants carry far more advantages than disadvantages when compared to other dental restoration procedures. The only obvious disadvantage of this process is the high upfront costs involved. But not only do you get a beautiful smile, but you also natural teeth that look similar to your healthy teeth, no one can tell the difference. Implants are easy to clean; just brush and floss regularly and also do not fail to go for regular dental checkups. Also, you have peace of mind knowing that your healthy teeth are not at risk of further damage as implants reduce risks of gum infection.

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