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How long does a root canal last?

A root canal procedure is intended to treat and save a tooth that is infected or badly decayed. The goal is to eliminate the infection and protect the tooth from further damage.

Root canals are generally successful and can last a lifetime, preserving your natural tooth structure. However, there are factors that can impact the longevity of a root canal treatment.

How Long Does a Root Canal Last

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How Long Does a Root Canal Last

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Factors Affecting the Longevity of a Root Canal

Factors Description
1. Timing The sooner a root canal is performed after diagnosis, the better the outcome and longevity.
2. Quality of Treatment A well-performed root canal by an experienced dentist increases the chances of long-term success.
3. Tooth’s Location The position of the tooth in the mouth can affect the durability of the root canal.

While most root canals last a lifetime, some may require retreatment if reinfection occurs. Symptoms of a failed root canal include persistent pain, swelling, or a foul taste.

Compared to tooth extraction, root canal therapy is often the preferred choice due to lower cost, less discomfort, and the ability to retain your natural tooth.

Increasing the Longevity of Your Root Canal

  • Regular dental check-ups and oral hygiene practices can help maintain the health of your treated tooth.
  • Opting for a dental filling or crown after a root canal can strengthen the tooth and prevent fractures.
  • Following your dentist’s post-treatment care instructions can also contribute to the long-term success of the root canal.

Remember, while root canals are durable and can often last a lifetime, proper oral care and monitoring are essential for preserving the health of your treated tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Long Does A Root Canal Last


Can Root Canal Last A Lifetime?


Root canal treatments are designed to preserve and treat infected teeth. In most cases, a root canal can last a lifetime with successful treatment. However, there are instances where retreatment may be necessary if the tooth becomes reinfected. Overall, root canals have a high success rate and can provide long-lasting results.


How Often Do Root Canals Need To Be Redone?


A root canal treatment typically lasts a lifetime. However, in rare cases, a tooth may become reinfected. In such instances, a second root canal treatment, known as endodontic re-treatment, may be necessary. Regular dental check-ups can help ensure the longevity of root canal treatments.


How Do You Know If Your Root Canal Is Failing?


If your root canal is failing, you may experience persistent pain, swelling, or an unpleasant taste near the treated tooth. Failing root canal signs include: – Persistent or recurring pain – Noticeable swelling – Foul taste or odor Consult a dentist for proper evaluation and treatment.


Is It Better To Have A Root Canal Or Extraction?


Root canal is usually a better option as it preserves the tooth and can often last a lifetime.

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