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Have You Had Your Teeth Whitened Since the Pandemic Started?

Ever since the pandemic started, life as we know it has changed. Casual handshakes became hangouts on Zoom, and a movie night with friends became a Netflix watch party.
Since the standards of normal have been redefined due to the pandemic, we have had to adapt many aspects of our lives. Dinner at a fancy restaurant has turned into a meal at home. Since we now have more time at home, most people have increased their junk food consumption. More junk food does not mean good things for our teeth.
If you’re noticing that your smile looks discolored, it may affect your self-confidence and possibly even your self-esteem.
Here’s how teeth whitening can help.

1- Visible Results
We’ve all seen products online that make a lot of claims about whitening your teeth but do not actually provide amazing results. Many people pay lots of money for products that don’t have long-lasting or noticeable results.
Not only are these products available online, but you can also find different varieties of these products in drug stores that only give partial results. If you want high quality teeth whitening with brilliant results, you’ll need to have a professional whiten your teeth.
Not only is the procedure effective when you see a dentist, but it is also a lot faster and you won’t have to wait a long time to see noticeable results. When you finish the procedure, the dentist will also give you suggestions on keeping your teeth white for a long time.

2- Safe Treatment
Not only do inferior teeth whitening products give mixed results that leave you with regrets, there’s also no telling if they are safe for you to swallow or consume.
If you’re not careful with over the counter or online teeth whitening products, some of them can damage your gums or teeth. They may also make your teeth more vulnerable to sensitivity or damage.
To avoid these risks, working with a dentist is the optimal way to whiten your teeth safely because they have the experience and expertise to give you the best (and safest) results.

3- Healthier Mouth and Higher Self Esteem
There’s no telling how a teeth whitening product online or on a drug store shelf may affect you. These products can still have adverse side effects along with dental bills to fix any issues or damages. The adverse effects from a poor whitening experience can result in negative results to your oral health and self-esteem.
If you want to have your teeth whitened, discuss professional treatments with your dentist. Not only will the dentist make your teeth shine, but they will give you a routine checkup (and several practical tips) to keep your teeth healthy. Working with a dentist will give you the best possible teeth whitening results, in all areas of your physical and mental health.

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