What to do if your child knocks out a tooth?

Play is fun and essential for children but at times, it results into knocked out teeth. Whether the tooth knocked out was a baby tooth or the permanent teeth, you still need to take action and visit a children dentist. Many parents tend to ignore such issues especially if it is the baby tooth because they are bound to come out eventually. Doing so is dangerous since the damage maybe extensive. Also, the baby teeth ought to stay in place until it’s time for permanent teeth to grow. If they come out earlier, you should seek medical help to ensure that the development of the other teeth is not affected.child-knocks-out-a-tooth

Here’s what you should do if your child’s tooth is knocked off:

  • Comfort the child

The child will be in pain and disappointed that the tooth came out. You need to comfort him or her and assure them that everything will be fine.

  • Reinsert the tooth or seal the gap with a sterile gauze

If you possible, you can try to reinsert the tooth back to where it was. Make sure that you do not touch the root of the tooth when inserting it. If the tooth is dirty, you can clean it with milk without scrubbing it or removing any pieces of tissue. Place a sterile gauze over the gap and ask the child to bite it so that it stays in place. This will help in controlling the bleeding. If you are unable to reattach the tooth, put it in a container with saltwater or milk. Don’t leave it in the open to dry or wrap it with a dry cloth as this will reduce the chances of reattaching it.

Visit the dentist

Schedule an appointment and bring your child to see the doctor immediately. Don’t forget to bring the tooth with you. Even if the tooth can’t be saved, the pediatric dentistry staff will find a solution for your child.

Here’s what you should expect at the dentist’s office:

  • The dentist will take X-rays to check for the tooth, if it is missing. The X-ray will also show the injuries.
  • The dentist will also attach a space maintainer to reserve the spot until the permanent tooth is ready to emerge. A space maintainer is a metallic appliance that is placed on the gap left by the lost tooth so as to ensure that the eruption of the permanent tooth is not disrupted. Losing a baby tooth before its time can cause teeth crowding in the vacant spot. They take up the space meant for the permanent tooth thus causing crooked teeth.
  • The dentist can also reattach the knocked down tooth by holding it in place for several days. The tooth is held in place using a metal wire or thin plastic attached to the adjacent teeth. The metal wire is then removed after the ligaments joining the teeth to the bone have fully developed.
  • If it is a permanent tooth and it fails to reattach, then the dentist may recommend a bridge or an implant.
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