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Four Ways We Make it Easier to Fit Dental Care into Your Schedule

One of our favourite things we do is ask how our patients are every time they come to see us. We love hearing about their vacation plans, events and other milestones they’ve achieved or are looking forward to. As we’re catching up, many patients have told us that they wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. Have you ever felt this way, too?

There’s no doubt about it, time passes quickly. As we begin a new year (and decade), it’s a good time to remind patients to come and see us regularly. As per the Canadian Dental Association, most patients should see us twice per year (every six months) to maintain their oral health. Keeping in mind how quickly our patients’ calendars can get booked up, we have four ways to make it easier to come and see a family dentist.

1.  Evening Appointments are Available Two Days of the Week

Did you know that the average commuting time for people in the GTA is 53 minutes? While Hummingbird Dental has patients of all ages, the majority of our patients are commuters.

When we were deciding our office hours, our team decided that it was a wise idea to stay open until 8:00 p.m. on Monday and Friday to make it easier for clients who commute to make a dentist appointment after work.

2.  Our Office is Open for a Full Day Every Saturday

While many dental offices in Richmond Hill offer appointments on Saturdays, there are very few that stay open as long as we do to accommodate patients who require or prefer weekend appointments.

Our team works every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. because we recognize that some of our clients are only able to see us on weekends, and we want to ensure that our hours do not make it difficult for them to see us as often as they need to.

3.  Schedule Your Appointment the Most Convenient Way for You

Our patients are diverse and unique, so it’s no surprise that one way to book an appointment will not meet all of their needs.

Some patients like to call us or to book an appointment (often with their calendars close at hand), others take us up on the offer to book another appointment at the end of an appointment and our online booking option is becoming more popular because it is so easy to add the appointment to an electronic calendar and/or share it with family members. We are pleased to offer different ways to book and reschedule appointments based on our patients’ preferences.

4.  We Make Sure to Remind Patients About Their Appointment

Patients tell us that, even though an appointment is in their calendar, they are pleased that we make an effort to contact them and remind them of an upcoming appointment. We also know that patients prefer different reminder methods (phone call, text, email), so we find out the best way to contact them to confirm their appointment (one week and one day before).

The team at Hummingbird Dental wants to create an environment where we prioritize two very important goals:

  1. Meeting our patients’ needs
  2. Dental health

By being flexible with our hours and scheduling methods, we make it easier for patients to maintain their oral health and hygiene. If “book a dentist appointment” is on your to-do list, please contact us using the method you prefer to see a family dentist in the Richmond Hill area.

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