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Why You Should Worry About Losing Your Back Teeth

Emergency DentistryThere are several ways to lose molars, the main way is through tooth decay. Now, if you’re missing one or more molars, you are not alone. Seven out of 10 Americans are thought to be missing at least one tooth, usually the back molars. But, if no one can see the gap at the back of your mouth, does it even matter? Should you pay attention to it? The short answer is yes, you definitely should.

It is easy to think of your teeth as accessories that make you look pretty when you smile. But beyond aesthetics, teeth are important functional components of your body. Without your teeth, you would not be able to chew food and therefore would miss out on important nutrients. Teeth are also important in stimulating the alveolar bone and in doing so ensuring the bone rejuvenates and stays healthy.

If you are missing your tooth at the back, it means that there is some bit of the alveolar bone that is unstimulated. Eventually, the bone will start to melt away. Studies have shown that within a year, a 25 percent decrease in bone width is likely to occur when the tooth gap remains unfilled. Loss of bone width is critical. If you have lost quite a number of teeth without replacing them, the loss of bone width is even higher. The end result is that your ability to chew and speak will be impaired. The contour of your face will be impacted as well, and you are likely to appear older and gloomier.

If you are unable to chew or speak properly and have an appearance of being older than you are, the next thing that is going to happen is that your self-confidence will take a nosedive. All because of a tooth you ignored thinking it was too far back to be noticed.

It is important to remember something-your lost tooth did not exist in isolation. As such, its loss will affect the other surrounding teeth as well. You might experience misalignment of your teeth when the remaining teeth move towards the gap. (https://yurtsofamerica.com) It is said that nature abhors a vacuum and this is true for your mouth as well. A back tooth might seem an unlikely factor in your smile –after all, all your front teeth are healthy-but eventually, you will start to see the effects of missing a tooth.

Fortunately, for anyone who has lost their teeth, there exist dental implants that are used to permanently replace lost teeth. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is used as a foundation for a crown in order to replace a tooth that has been lost. Implants have gained popularity over the years owing to their aesthetics and functionality-you’ll feel as if you have brand new real teeth! Dental implant surgery is also relatively simple and painless, and the benefits are long-lasting.

When you choose a dental implant, you are saying yes to dental health and no to bone loss. It is a good choice to make.

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