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Our patients think of us as the best dentists in Richmond Hill | Hummingbird Dental | Voted Top Choice Richmond Hill Dentist

Our patients think of us as the best dentists in Richmond Hill

Hummingbird Dental Clinic $$ (905) 237-7976 10376 Yonge St #202, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B8

The best dental experience I have ever had. I gave Hummingbird Dental 5 stars but would have given them 5 more if I could. Dr. Taghizadeh and his staff are kind, courteous and professional. Get out of the dental chair you are in right now and go directly to Hummingbird Dental.

Farnaz D.Farnaz D.

I have always had Dental Anxiety. I remember my first day at Hummingbird Dental Clinic ; took two medication pills to control my stress!
Dr. Taghizadeh is the best! He listened to my stories with great attention like a friend .The second session I was there half an hour earlier than my appointment, because the stress and anxiety were gone!
Dr. Taghizadeh is very professional and detail oriented. I highly recommend the place to everyone.

Neda ShadabiNeda Shadabi

Hummingbird clinic is an amazing place to go take care of your teeth. The whole team is very professional, helpful and friendly. I started going to this clinic in November and had 3 sessions of different treatments so far. Dr Taghizadeh has provided excellent care for my teeth and I had the most comfortable dental treatments with him. They also do direct billing which makes your payment process more convinient. Highly Recomended!

arash sarikhaniarash sarikhani

Hummingbird clinic has been taking care of my dental problems for the past two months and I am very satisified with the service I have been recieving. Dr Taghizadeh makes sure to explain the issues and treatments in detail and priorizite your treatments based on the severity of your dental problems as well as your budget, which makes you feel very comfortable during your appointment. The clinic is open on Saturdays which is a great advantage for people who can't make it during the week. Strongly recommeneded if you are looking for a dental clinic in Richmond Hill.

Marina AbadeerMarina Abadeer

This dentist is honestly the best one I’ve been to in the GTA. Every time I come here Dr. Taghizadeh takes his time examining the situation and explaining everything to me. I’ve done a few fillings here and dealt with wisdom teeth issues and I’ve always felt very taken care of. Dr. Taghizadeh is thorough every time. The service is astounding and they are always doing their best to make you feel comfortable!!

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Hummingbird Dental Clinic in Richmond Hill $$ (905) 237-7976 10376 Yonge St #202, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B8 DentistHummingbird Dental Clinic - Voted Top Choice Dentist in Richmond Hill
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