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Braces? Clear Aligners? What Dentists Say in 2021

Even though what is considered to be beautiful may be subjective, straight and healthy teeth are desired by many people. Straight, healthy teeth look great and give you confidence in your smile (and in other areas of your life). That’s not all…there are other benefits of orthodontic treatments as well. They help make it easier for you to brush your teeth, eat and speak! The benefits are truly what make orthodontic procedures worth it.

However, in recent years, clear aligners have become much more popular. Instead of opting for traditional braces that are quite visible, clear aligners work hard to do the same job, but without being too apparent that you are undergoing a dental treatment. If you want to get orthodontic treatment, but are confused about which option to choose, then you are not alone. Here are some of the basic differences between traditional braces and clear aligners according to dentists in 2021. Keep reading to learn more.

Traditional Braces

Let’s start by explaining what traditional braces are. They use a combination of archwires and brackets that are placed over the teeth. The brackets can be made of metal, plastic or ceramic that are the same color as your tooth. They are then used to align your teeth using bands made of rubber.

Traditional braces are quite visible, and they cannot be removed until the procedure has been completed. In addition, they require more dental visits than clear aligners and are quite visible when a person with braces speaks or smiles.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, on the other hand, require a customized series of aligners to be worn by the patient. As the teeth begin to align, the clear aligner is replaced with a new one that is the perfect fit for the teeth. They can be removed while eating, drinking and during special occasions…and they are a lot less visible than traditional braces. You won’t even be able to tell you have them on when smiling for pictures!

The requirements for clear aligners are very simple; they need patience and commitment to follow the guidelines provided by your dentist. If the patient does not wear the aligners for the prescribed amount of time, they will not achieve the desired results.


When it comes to effectiveness, patients are often concerned about which orthodontic treatment works better. Both traditional braces and clear aligners have been proven to be effective. However, clear aligners are more flexible and viable for adults. One important consideration is the severity of your dental issue. For this, you’ll need to contact your dentist who can guide you better on which option would be suitable for your teeth.

In Summary

Now that you know what makes clear aligners the best choice, you’ll want to get them as soon as you can. Clear aligners can help you get the smile of your dream in half the time, and you will be more comfortable and confident when you’re wearing them in comparison to traditional braces.

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