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A Professional Approach to Oral Healthcare

Any car owner can tell you that a well-maintained vehicle delivers the best performance. Basic activities that an owner is responsible for include:

  • keeping the interior and exterior clean
  • maintaining appropriate tire pressure
  • checking brake fluid and windshield washer fluid
  • changing the oil and filter on a schedule

Unfortunately, some car owners fail to do basic maintenance and don’t take their vehicles to be serviced on a regular basis. This can cause damage to the vehicle and present safety concerns as well. Do you know someone who only takes their car for service after the check engine light comes on?

It Comes Down to Basics

A similar situation can occur when it comes to oral care. While your body is not a machine, it does require that its parts and systems are cared for on a regular basis. This is especially true regarding maintaining excellent oral health.

Basic responsibilities regarding oral health and hygiene for which you are responsible include:

  • brushing twice a day
  • flossing once a day
  • paying attention to gums that are inflamed or bleed easily

While these activities are easy to do and take only a few minutes to perform every day, some people fail to do these basic tasks and don’t visit a dentist regularly. This can cause damage to both oral and general health and could present long-term challenges. Do you know someone who only visits a dentist after they experience pain or discomfort with their teeth?

A Team Effort

You and the dentist and staff at your chosen dental clinic can form an oral healthcare team. The purpose of the team is to achieve excellent oral health for yourself and consistently maintain it. This means visiting the dental clinic on a regular basis in addition to doing daily activities of oral care for yourself.

As professionals in the field, the dentist and staff at the dental clinic form a part of the team that can help you with your oral care. It’s important to maintain communication and adhere to the recommended schedule to succeed in this regard.

A Plan of Care

The first visit to a dental clinic will most likely involve consultation, an examination, x-rays and an initial periodontal evaluation. From there, a treatment plan can be developed to address all of your specific needs.

A basic treatment plan will be based on regular visits for checkups and cleaning. Typically, these visits will occur at 6-month intervals and may be adjusted based on your specific needs. If required, an advanced treatment plan may also include a requirement for cosmetic or restorative care. A schedule for this special care can be booked ahead of time and planned according to your availability and financial considerations.

Keep in mind that regardless of how much attention you pay to your oral care and how carefully you follow your dentist’s advice, you may experience a situation where you need emergency care. This is nothing to worry about, as most dentists are experienced with such events and will accommodate your increased needs accordingly.

We’re With You at Every Turn

The dentists and staff at Hummingbird Dental clinic want you to enjoy excellent dental health for all of your days. We assist you in this endeavour by:

  • providing convenient appointment hours and affordable fees
  • treating patients of all ages from child to adult
  • offering online booking options
  • sending appointment reminders by phone, text, or email, according to the patient’s preferences
  • providing care in six different languages
  • making ourselves available to answer questions and suggest adjustments to your treatment plan and hygiene schedule

Hummingbird Dental is Pleased to be of Service

Hummingbird Dental would like the opportunity to provide you with excellent oral care. Call now to schedule your appointments for:

  • consultation, examination, x-rays and initial periodontal evaluation
  • follow-up appointments to gauge monitor personal activities and recommend adjustments if required
  • routine appointments and checkups for hygiene (cleaning, scaling, polishing)

Overall, we want to be your partners in oral health and will do everything we can to see you smile.

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