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A Dentist’s Advice After the Holidays: Checkup and Teeth Cleaning

From gingerbread cookies to layered trifles to hot chocolate to butter tarts, the holiday season is associated with mouthwatering delicacies from around the world.
These delicious foods are highly anticipated by all, and while you can’t wait to enjoy every morsel, you should be aware that your teeth and gums will eventually begin to show the effects of those sugary treats.
That’s one of the main reasons why most dentists advise people to go for a dental checkup followed by a teeth cleaning treatment post-holidays to stay healthy.
Here are some ways to enjoy the much-awaited holiday season without having to compromise your oral health.

Proper Brushing and Flossing
Too much sugar can eventually lead to tooth decay. You need to be particularly careful when it comes to brushing and flossing after consuming lots of sugary treats. Make sure to brush your teeth and floss after every time you indulge. Flossing greatly helps to remove the sugars and food particles that can settle or become stuck between your teeth.

Make an Appointment with Your Dentist
There are times when dental issues occur without us even realizing, which is why you should make it a priority to schedule an appointment with your dentist right after the holiday season.
A dental appointment will help identify possible issues before they get worse. The best dentist is one who will guide you on how to take care of your teeth, and give you tips and information to help you care for your teeth on a regular basis.
However, in case you don’t already have a dentist that you can trust, you can go to a Richmond Hill dentist to get your teeth back to better health and cleanliness.

Get Your Teeth Cleaned
Another recommendation from most dentists after the post-holiday season is to have your teeth professionally cleaned. This treatment will remove plaque buildup from your teeth from both below and above the gum line.
After the treatment, you will notice that your teeth will feel smooth and shiny and look cleaner. It will also be much harder for plaque to accumulate in the spaces between your teeth once they have been cleaned.

Final Thoughts
Maintaining your oral health is extremely important because it affects your overall health.
It isn’t just the post-holiday season that means you should focus on dental care, but you should practice good oral habits all throughout the year.
Call or book an online appointment with the best dentist in Richmond Hill to schedule an appointment. If you don’t already have a regular dentist, find one that you feel comfortable with to start 2021 with brighter teeth and better oral care habits.

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