10 Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Tooth Pain

Tooth PainThere are different levels of tooth pain. Sometimes the pain might be mild and go away with time whereas in other situations it is throbbing and constant, making it impossible for you to continue with your day to day life. Your expert in family dentistry should be able to diagnose the issue. Tooth pain is caused by the nerves inside your gums which are responding to a signal that something is just not right. The discomfort can be due to several reasons. We are going to highlight a few of them below:

  1. Cavities: One of the most common causes of tooth pain is a dental Carrie or cavity. When food particles are stuck in your mouth, they produce an acid that if left to stay inside the mouth, it destroys the enamel that protects the tooth. What happens is that the acid enters the sensitive areas of the teeth and causes pain. The best way to avoid cavities is brushing your teeth and flossing as required.
  2. Enamel erosion: As mentioned above, when the acids that are produced by leftover food particles form, they tend to wear out the tooth enamel. This enamel erosion can cause tooth pain. Enamel erosion can also occur because of your diet or gastric acids produced due to vomiting.
  3. Receding gums: People who suffer from gum recession are also at high risk of tooth pain. This is because when the gums recede, they expose certain areas of the tooth roots. When you brush your teeth aggressively or use a toothbrush with rough bristles, you contribute to gum recession and consequently tooth pain.
  4. Referred pain: This is pain that originates from a different place and affects the tooth. It can be from a surrounding tooth or a different part of the body such as sinus pain or an infection.
  5. Clenching and grinding teeth: A dentist Richmond Hill will usually recommend stopping habits like clenching teeth because they put pressure and stress on the teeth causing them to wear out. This eventually causes the teeth to become sensitive or the jaws to become sore.
  6. Dental abscess: Abscesses also cause pain. They occur because of an infection in the tooth and gums. General dentistry procedures can help to relieve this kind of pain.
  7. Periodontal diseases: Diseases like gingivitis are known to cause a lot of tooth pain. These diseases occur when there is a buildup of plaque in the mouth triggering inflammation.
  8. Chipped and cracked teeth: When you have a tooth that is chipped, cracked or fractured, it is important to have it treated at your local dental office Richmond Hill immediately. If it’s not treated, it can cause severe pain because the cracks provide spaces that expose the nerve endings.
  9. Loose fillings: When you had a tooth filling that becomes loose or comes out, you are at risk of severe tooth ache. This is because the nerve endings become exposed with a loose or lost filling. Visit your dentist to have it fixed immediately.
  10. Dental treatments: When you’ve just undergone dental work, your teeth are still sensitive and the pulp tissues may be inflamed. The pain may occur but usually subsides as the pulp heals.
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