Teeth Cleaning Richmond Hill

Our teeth cleaning Richmond Hill process involves the use of a variety of dental equipment and employing different methods with the aim of removing plaque and tartar deposits that build up on your teeth over time. In addition,Teeth Cleaning.jpg your saliva which contains calcium amongst other substances that  build up on teeth to help strengthen and protect them, also causes excess build-up of calcium deposits on the surface of the teeth over time. This makes the tooth surface rough and harder to clean.

Professional Cleaning helps remove all these deposits leaving your teeth clean and so smooth that bacteria cannot stick to them. This makes it even easier to keep them clean during regular home cleaning methods like brushing and flossing, which may not be effective against all the built up deposits we have mentioned.

Cleanings involves removing plaque (soft, sticky, bacteria infested film) and tartar (calculus) deposits that built up on the teeth over time.

How it is done

Our dental hygienist Richmond Hill uses a variety of instruments depending on the severity of the deposits.  Here are some of the instruments we use:

Ultrasonic instrument

This special tool makes use of special vibrations to knock the larger pieces of tartar off the surface of the tooth. These vibrations will sound like a humming high-pitched whistling sound, which may feel even louder in your mouth.

It also produces a cool mist of water sprayed on to the teeth as it cleans. This helps wash away the removed debris while at the same time ensuring the area remains at a proper temperature.

The length of time it takes for our hygienist to clean using this equipment depends on the extent of the deposits; this means that your first visit will take longer than all future cleanings.

Fine hand tools

Once the larger pieces of tartar are removed our dental hygienists switch to finer hand tools called scalars and curettes. These are used to remove smaller deposits on the teeth and to smoothen teeth surfaces. Most hand tools are curved to match the shape of the tooth. Fine hand tools make it possible to scrape off small tarter deposits with a moderate amount of pressure and deal with the finer details in hard to reach areas of the teeth.


Polishing is done once all the teeth surfaces are smooth. Our teeth cleaning Richmond Hill dental hygienist polishes your teeth using a slow speed hand piece and a Prophylaxis paste. The Prophylaxis paste is a special kind of paste that helps make your teeth shiny and smooth.


We place fluoride foam gel on the surface of your teeth for 30 seconds. The fluoride gel helps strengthen the teeth. This is a suitable treatment since acids from bacteria and dental tartar usually weakens tooth surfaces.

Tooth cleaning is supposed to be a painless process; however, some of the sensations like tickling vibrations from the ultrasonic equipment and scrapping may cause a bit of discomfort to some people. However, all this is a small price to pay compared to the smooth great feel of your teeth after all this is done.

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