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Welcome to our dental clinic serving Richmond Hill, Thornhill & Vaughan where you will receive a truly personalized service aimed at perfecting your smile. Our chic, welcoming décor and friendly team of dentist professionals will make you feel at home from the moment you arrive. Our experts are committed to providing the very best in oral healthcare in a comfortable & relaxed setting.

About our Dental office in Richmond Hill

Hummingbird Dental Studio is a friendly, full service dental clinic in Richmond Hill. We offer a wide range of dental services including general dentistry, restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures. The caring team at Hummingbird Dental Studio is intimately involved in improving patients’ smiles. Dr Stenzler and his team are among the best dental experts available in the region. Expect the best care possible for your entire family. We place high priority in educating our patients to help them prevent future dental issues.
Below are the services offered at our dental office:

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  • Yulia Kuznetsova
    I had a filling missing in my front tooth and at Hummingbird Dental it took them only 5 minutes to fix it. The office itself was clean and nice. Definitely will go back to them!

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Dr. Gary Stenzler
Dentist, DDS

Dr. Elham Mofakham
Associate Dentist, DDS

Irina Ryjova
Registered Dental Hygienist

Office Administrator

What to Expect During a Dental Exam

If you are planning to go for a dental exam, it is important to be well prepared for what will take place during the visit. A dental exam is done to evaluate one’s overall oral hygiene. Among the things that the dentist or hygienist will be looking at include:

  • Your risk of tooth decay or gum disease
  • Your need for tooth replacement or any restoration procedure
  • Any jaw or bite problems
  • Stains on your teeth or deposits that may eventually lead to tooth decay

During dental exams, the dentist Richmond Hill will ask you a number of questions in order to evaluate your oral health needs and understand your overall health. For instance, the dentist may want to find out if you are currently under medication and whether it may affect your oral health. Individuals who take diabetes medication are at risk of dry mouth which increases the risk of tooth decay. If you are suffering from arthritis, notify the dentist so that he/she may recommend an easier way of cleaning your teeth effectively such as using an electric toothbrush.

Follow-Up Dental Checkups

If you have any dental treatment that was previously done, the dentist will check to ensure it’s in order. For instance, individuals who have dentures and bridges require more regular dental checkups to ensure that the prosthetic replacement still fit properly and recommend adjustments when necessary. Your dentist may also recommend a change of diet if it will help to improve your oral health or make certain treatments work more effectively. You may be advised to avoid tobacco products and make other lifestyle changes to boost your oral health.

Will You Undergo A Dental X-Ray?

Dental x-rays are not recommended in every appointment. However, the risk of radiation exposure is very low when it comes to dental x-rays. The different types of x-rays performed during dental visits include the bitewing which allows the dentist to focus on the upper and lower crowns of your teeth, a periapical which focuses on the entire tooth and surrounding bone as well as an occlusal which is an x-ray done to check how the upper and lower teeth fit together when you close your jaw. If the dentist needs to get a broad view of the entire mouth, he/she may perform a panoramic x-ray. Advanced dental clinics use a cone beam computerized tomography to provide a 3D view of the entire mouth.

Check For Signs Of Dental Issues

Your dentist or hygienist will always check to ensure there are no signs of serious conditions like oral cancer. This includes performing physical exams like feeling the areas under your jaw and the insides of your cheeks and lips to ensure there is no swelling or bumps. The dentist may require to make a replica of your teeth or oral tissue to better understand your bite problem and design a mouthguard of bleaching tray based on your condition. If you are visiting the Richmond Hill dental office for a regular checkup expect the usual oral exams to be done and some forms of treatment recommended based on your solution.

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